Our Story

ARIYAN ENERGY (Ariyan Energy and Petroleum Explorers Co. )

Established as a global upstream subsurface solution provider delivering wide range of technical, technological, and managerial services to assist clients in establishing or rethinking of their business models in order to optimize the values of the assets.

With in-depth international experience in oil and gas exploration and production, owing to the group of upstream experts and professionals, we aim to use the experience, knowledge and new technologies to de-risk the prospects, assess clients’ commercial viability, formulate an entry strategy, develop the business case and form the JV partnership.

Ariyan Energy seeks solutions that are not only technically sound, but also practical and cost-effective.

Management Team

ALI YAZDANITechnical Director (Cofounder and Chairman of Board)
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
M.Sc. in in Reservoir Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
B.Sc. in in Chemical Engineering, AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran

Over 19 years of broad-based international industrial experience
Mostly working in Exploration and Production international Companies
Sound scientific and academic background in reservoir and production engineering, project management skills and strategic planning
Heavily involved in field development scenarios in full process chain from field acquirement to production phases
Fully engaged with the processes involved in international and local E&P companies to execute field development cases
Profound leadership and management skills demonstrated by leading small and mid-sized groups of professional people

Ariyan Energy: Technical Director
Sonangol E&P (Iraq): Subsurface Manager
Kish Petroleum Engineering Services: Vice President Technical Dep., Project Manager
Athabasca Oil Corporation (Canada): Subsurface Operation Manager
Statoil (Canada): Principle Reservoir and Production Engineering Manager
Statoil (Canada): Principle Technology Manager EOR Technologies
Alberta Innovation Centre (Canada) : Research Engineering Lead
University of Calgary (Canada) : Petroleum Engineering Instructor
University of Calgary (Canada) : Lead Research Engineer

RAMIN MAHDAVIManaging Director (Cofounder and Member of Board)
M.Sc. in Exploration Engineering, Tehran University, Iran
B.Sc. in Exploration Engineering, Yazd University, Iran

More than 17 years experience in academia and industry
Petroleum geoscientist with firm knowledge in reservoir characterization and modeling
Management skills acquired in national and international companies
Involved in many oil and gas reservoirs studies and field development projects
Expand network of national and international experts and companies
Sound supervising and mentoring skills in industry and academia
International negotiation skills

Ariyan Energy: Managing Director
Kish Petroleum Engineering Services: Vice President BD, Geosciences Manager, Senior Geoscientist
PETRONAS: Senior Geoscientist (MPM Unit)
Kish Petroleum Engineering Services: Senior Geoscientist (FDP and Operation)
PETROIRAN: Senior Geoscientist (FDP and Operation)
Abdal Industrial Projects Management Co. (MAPSA): Senior Geoscientist (Reservoir Studies)
Iranian Institute of research and application for mineral materials (IMPASCO): Executive Explorationists (Gold Geochemical Exp. Project)
Geological Survey of Iran (GSI): Executive Explorationists (Gold Geochemical Exp. Project)

MASOUD FAHIMINIAGeosciences Manager
M.Sc. in Mining Exploration Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran
M.Sc. in Geophysics, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Iran
B.Sc. in Mining Exploration Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

Above 23 years of experience in oil and mining industries
Working with local and international companies
Advanced knowledge in Reservoir and production geology
Developed skills in field development operations and supervision
Reserve estimation and uncertainty assessment
Seismic modeling and interpretation (structural and Stratigraphic)
Petrophysical & Saturation modeling
Stratigraphic correlation, structural framework preparation and conceptual model preparation, Geological well prognosis

Ariyan Energy: Geosciences Manager
Sonangol E&P (Iraq): Geosciences Manager
Kish Petroleum Engineering Services: Geosciences Manager , Head of Geological Studies Group, Senior Geoscientist
Pars Petro Zagros: Senior Geomodeler
Oil and Energy Industries Development (OEID): Advisor in Geological Studies
Roxar (Iran Branch) : Static Modeling and Seismic Studies Senior Expert, RMS Course Instructor
Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran (GSI): Exploration Engineer

Ali Saadat
Ali SaadatSenior Advisor Well and Production Technologies
B.Sc. .Petroleum Engineering , University Of Alabama, U.S.A

28 years of International Upstream, Technical, Commercial and Training experiences
Worked with IOC’s, NOC’s and International Oil & Gas Service Companies
Worked internationally across Asia pacific, CIS & Middle Eastern countries
Technical Specialties in Production Operation Management (POM), Subsurface Asset Management, Strategizing Brownfield Re-development Plans, Well Services Operation Management, Well rejuvenation guidelines and techniques, Wireless & Intervention-less well and reservoir Surveillance
Module developer on PLT, DAS, DTS & Cased Hole, Production Optimizations and Enhancement Technologies

Ariyan Energy: Senior Advisor
PETRONAS, Malaysia : CTE, Production Technologist
ENI B.V. Iran: Petroleum Engineer Site Representative
PETROPARS, Iran: Offshore Onsite Company Rep., & Technical Supervisor
AKER Solutions, Oman: Senior Cased Hole logging engineer
SDC, Qatar, Oman& U.A.E: Senior Cased Hole logging engineer
N.I.O.C., Ahwaz-Iran: Junior Reservoir Engineer

MEHDI NAMJOUYAN(Cofounder and Member of Board)
M.Sc. in Exploration Engineering, Tehran University, Iran
B.Sc. in Exploration Engineering, Yazd University, Iran

With over 15 years of experience in Project Managing, Consultation in Exploration and Production (E&P) activities,
Business Supporting, Project Contracting and high level management with Analytical, Decision-Making, and Negotiating

Ariyan Energy: Member of Board
Petro Gostar Permayon: Managing Director
Research Center of Iran’s Parliament: Mining and Energy Engineering Group

SINA BAIRAMZADEHBusiness Development Manager
B.Sc. in Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran

Multifunctional Production and Reservoir engineer with more than 12 years of international experience in oil and gas management
Offshore/onshore operation supervising
MDP preparation and Fast Track Studies
International Business Development
Legal and Financial affair
International Negotiation

Ariyan Energy: Business Development Manager
OPES International (Australia): Middle East Area Manager
Kayson Oil and Gas: Manager of international Affairs and Project Coordination Manager
Pars Petro Zagros: Lead Production and Reservoir Engineer

RDA Teknologi Indonesia (RoadsHill) (Indonesia)

Seismic data processing and interpretation


Abdal Industrial Projects Management Co. (MAPSA), (Iran)

Oil and Gas Project Management & Service Provider



Energy Services Specialists


Africa Geophysical Services LLC (AGS), (Oman)

Land / Shallow Marine Seismic Data Acquisition & Seismic Data Processing


PETROAUS (Australia)

Smart field & production optimization


OPES (Australia)

Reservoir study and field development planning



Industrial Project Services in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Waste Management, & Procurement, along with Finance Facilities


Triton Overseas (Malaysia), Marine Resources Center (UAE), Petro Gostar Baher (Iran)

Service provider for EPC, along with Project Management

Business Focus


  • To Unlock Exploration In Frontier Basins
  • To Unravel Hydrocarbon Potential Of Remaining Opportunities In Mature Basins


  • Green Field Development
  • Brown Field Redevelopment
  • Field Rejuvenation


  • Production Optimization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Production Enhancement