Core Services

At the time of great changes in upstream industry that have altered the environment in which energy companies operate, we structured our agile and fluid organization to meet the evolving necessities of the industry.

  • Consultancy
  • Supervisory & Management
  • Planning & Execution

Technical Services

  • Basin Analysis, Block Evaluation, and Prospect Maturation

  • Area/Field Development Planning and Execution

  • Production Optimization and Operation Management

آریان انرژی
آریان انرژی

Strategic Services & Supports

  • Business Development

  • Finance Resourcing

  • Economics Evaluation

  • Training and Manpowering

Technical & Technology Services

Short Term

  • Exploration 3G (Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical) Analyses
  • Fast-track Value Generating Activities
  • Well Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Assessment of Reservoir and Well-related Problems
  • Well reactivation solutions
  • Dynamic Reservoir Characterization
  • Mapping Residual Hydrocarbons, and in-fill design
  • Opportunity Framing & Early Monetization Plans (EMP)
  • IOR/EOR screening and roadmap generation

Long Term

  • Exploration Strategy, Exploration Opportunities Evaluation, Global Or Country Basin Screening
  • Play Based Exploration
  • Area/Field Development Planning for Green Fields
  • Brown Field Redevelopment
  • Early Field Development (EFD) and Early Production System (EPS)
  • Marginal Field Development Planning
  • IOR/EOR planning, Monitoring Supervision

Training & Man Powering Services

On Job Training

With broad access to expertise, we provide various knowledge sharing and hands-on-experiences through proven quality training and advisory services to complement upstream technical and technological solutions


With The courses and workshops are designed and customized based on client needs to cover fundamental, applied and industrial practices at different levels

Man Powering

Provision of educated and skilled manpower for upstream planning, supervision, and operation projects, on a short or long-term basis.
Highly qualified professionals and skilled experts and engineers can support the best various level workforce.

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