Push configuration data across settings and communities with the setting Migration resource

The setting Migration appliance lets you go arrangement info across surroundings and businesses. Setup information is familiar with determine custom made features in customer involvement software (mechanics 365 profits, Dynamics 365 support, characteristics 365 niche program, aspect 365 advertising, and characteristics 365 task solution automated), and is particularly normally trapped in custom organizations. Setting information is different from person facts (account, contacts, for example). A typical example of arrangement information is all you identify in Unified provider Desk for characteristics 365 to assemble a personalized call center broker product. The Unified tool Desk entities, with the setup information this is certainly kept in the entities, outline an agent software. Visit about Unified solution table, find out Unified program work desk tips.

The arrangement Migration instrument means that you can:

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Find entities and area from for which you choose to export the setup records.

Refrain replicate record regarding the desired system by understanding an individuality problem for any business according to combining sphere in organization, which is used to compare up against the worth on desired technique. If there aren’t any matching values, a unique record is created regarding the focus technique. If a matching history is, the history is changed of the goal program.

If no copy diagnosis (uniqueness) issue is definitely chosen for a thing which being shipped, the instrument employs the principle industry brand associated with the thing evaluate resistant to the existing reports regarding the focus process.

Immobilize plug-ins before exporting information following re-enable them regarding focus process as soon as the importance is done those businesses or picked entities.

Verify the scheme for its selected entities being shipped to make certain that all other demanded data/information is present.

Reuse a current schema to export information from a source system.

Immediately shift DateTime fields forwards at importance for demo areas.

Add the delivered components made from this appliance (schema and documents) various other tools. One example is, you could use the delivered data in bundle Deployer together with other solutions data and reports to provide and position packs on a environment. Additional information: Deploy offers making use of plan Deployer

For home elevators getting the settings Migration tool, determine obtain equipment from NuGet.

So how exactly does the settings Migration tool function?

These diagram demonstrates how the arrangement Migration tool is used for moving setup facts.

Outline the schema belonging to the starting point reports getting delivered: The schema document (.xml) is made up of information regarding your data that you might want to export for example businesses, attributes, relationships, definition of originality of facts, and perhaps the plug-ins is handicapped before transferring the info. Much more information: Come up with a schema to export settings information

Make use of the outline to export data: Take advantage of scheme data to export the info into a .zip file including the data and so the schema regarding the exported information. More details: Come up with a schema to export configuration facts

Transfer the exported info: utilize the delivered info (.zip file) to transfer into the desired ambiance. Your data significance is performed in many travels to primary importance the cornerstone info while queuing up the based upon facts, thereafter transfer the influenced by info when you look at the succeeding moves to handle any data dependencies or linkages. This guarantees nice and clean information import. Much more information: significance settings facts

Troubleshoot construction facts migration issues making use of record records

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The setting Migration application produces signing help to gather detailed information about mistakes that take place while completing into the location utilizing the appliance, activities conducted because appliance during the outline definition and export/import associated with setup information, and the informatioin needed for the info that was shipped making use of the resource. Uncover three wood files generated by instrument widely available from the after area using the pc for which you operated the appliance: c:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dataverse Configuration Migration Application\ .

Login_ErrorLog: Provides the informatioin needed for the difficulties that happened when you use the application to sign in toward the environment. If you can find any problems during sign in, a note sounds of the devices go browsing display screen with a hyperlink to this particular sign data. The content mentions that one taken place while processing the go request and so the cellphone owner can see the problem wood. You can actually check the page inside the message to look at this record document. The record document is created the first occasion your discover any sign-in factors during the tool. Thereafter, the sign file is used to track information regarding a sign-in problem, whenever it starts.

DataMigrationUtility: produces detailed information about each undertaking performed when you look at the device during latest run. You will see the wood document from your means by hitting the Logs menu to the main test, and hitting Running Log.

ImportDataDetail: supplies more information concerning reports transported within the last few import work with the software. Any time you owned a significance tasks applying this application, the current resources within the sign document tend to be transferred to a document labeled as ImportDataDetail._old in identical list, and also the ImportDataDetail file displays information about the most recent transfer work operate making use of the software. You can see this record document from instrument by clicking on the records selection on primary display, thereafter pressing latest significance sign.

Best practices for migrating the setup facts when using the appliance

Listed here are stuff you must look into when using this application to move your setup records:

While promoting the exportation facts scheme, make sure you describe individuality guides appropriately per each business to protect yourself from any unintentional information posts of the desired program.

Significance the delivered facts in a pre-production ambiance (if possible a mirror picture belonging to the manufacturing landscape) to ensure the information transfer results are just like you intended.

Support your creation environment before importing the info.