She, and Jay, Michaela, and certainly will, were changed to the brand-new Ikabula group following the Tribe turn, and happened to be accompanied by Takali people Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

If Ikabula shed resistance, Michaela indicated that they divided their votes between Bret and Sunday, and vote on Bret in revote. Hannah and Michaela chosen for Bret, but Jay and certainly will signed up with Bret and Sunday in blindsiding Michaela.

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Returning from Tribal Council, Hannah am distressed about getting out from the circle. The merge happened the following day. She regrouped with many other Vanua alignment Adam and Zeke. Will acquired resistance. The routine ended up being blindside Michelle. However, any time a paranoid Adam begin speaking with Taylor, Hannah regarded as voting away Adam if you are untrustworthy, but at Tribal Council, she accompanied much in blindsiding Michelle. On subsequent Tribal Council, she helped the lady alignment divided their own votes between Taylor and Jay, and Taylor would be voted around. On morning 28, Hannah and Zeke comprise noticed at the heart relating to the Takali alignment who directed Jessica Mccartney, and David Wright’s alignment exactly who directed Chris Hammons. The two sided aided by the last association, blindsiding Chris.

Following second advantage difficulty, Hannah taught David about Zeke’s want to overcome him or her, and she chose to sign up with David’s Vinaka association. Before Tribal Council, Zeke discussed to Hannah about their prepare; after she got noticeably unwilling to move against David, Zeke chose to concentrate on this model as an alternative. Hannah attempted getting Adam to join this model, David, Jessica, and Ken McNickle, and force a tie. At Tribal Council, the woman alignment chosen for Zeke while Zeke’s Vinaka association elected for her which ended in a 5-5 connect between the girl and Zeke. The revote finished in a 4-4 wrap between the woman and Zeke. Not one person would alter the company’s ballots, and so a rock design Tiebreaker occurred where Jessica had been removed by picking the unlucky rock.

They came out Hannah’s association was a student in the minority. A day later, Hannah fulfilled them woman Liz from the nearest and dearest test. Adam landed resistance.

At camp, Hannah claimed she considered she got the target. At Tribal Council, Adam starred a concealed Immunity Idol on the, however, it best negated four votes as Will turned to them alliance so Zeke am blindsided. During the second Tribal Council, Hannah joined the majority in blindsiding will likely. Ken claimed resistance on closing seven. At summer camp, Hannah decided to desired Sunday to obstruct the association members from delivering her towards end of the event as a perceived smooth opponent in court vote. This lady arrange worked well as Sunday am blindsided.

David won immunity on time 36. Jay spoken to Hannah and David about blindsiding Bret, but at Tribal Council, Hannah enrolled with Ken, David, Adam, and Bret in blindsiding Jay. Ken music video chat claimed resistance on night 37. Hannah, David, and Ken affirmed their particular best three contract and thought to treat Adam that they are a larger menace than Bret to win the ultimate challenges. Adam subsequently told Hannah about his own unique idol and plan to do away with David, but Hannah explained David and Ken. At Tribal Council, Adam played the idol on on his own, but Hannah, David, and Ken voted against Bret to send him or her on the panel.

Straight back at refugee camp, an annoyed Adam explained Hannah that when David lasted into the end Tribal Council, however winnings the online game; though she got over repeatedly free David, she contracted with Adam and offered to vote against David the subsequent evening. On night 38, Ken beat Hannah to winnings the very last resistance concern. At team, Hannah chatted to Ken about doing away with David. At Tribal Council, Ken joined Hannah and Adam in voting out David.

At end Tribal Council, Hannah and Adam combated over ideal alternatives, and she was belittled for foiling earlier in the day intends to stop David. Hannah ultimately became the co-runner up with the time besides Ken, losing to Adam in a unanimous 10-0-0 panel vote.